The r/noburp community is thousands of members strong. In fact, they were the very inspiration for this site. From exercises you can try at home, to good old fashioned commiseration, this forum has all the information you could ever need, and some you didn’t ask for. When was the last time an index made you this overjoyed?

YouTube videos

If just the thought of burping for the first time is enough to bring a tear to your eye, this hilariously poignant video is sure to make you full-on weep. It sure resonated with us.


It's a young platform, but already has great content on the topic. Check out this video to get a gist of what's available there.

Dr. Bastian resources
Dr. Bastian

Dr. Bastian truly pioneered the research and treatment of this condition. Did we mention he named it? If you like your medical explanations to be a little less informal, and a little more written by a professional in the field, here you go.