If you want something done right...

NoBurp.Org was created with the goal of spreading awareness about an under-researched and deeply stigmatized condition. No-Burpers deserve to be believed and treated, rather than dismissed and denied. The more we share about our experiences with R-CPD, the more it can gain recognition, further medical validation, and overall normalization.

Believe us when we say we know what it’s like to feel isolated and uncomfortable when you can’t burp, and you’ve exhausted every last option. We made this site so those with R-CPD could connect to each other, and to professionals who can help. After all, misery loves company (or something else more cheerful). In all seriousness, we hope the site offers some hope and solidarity, whatever your stage of the no-burp journey.

Like they say in all those corny public service announcements,

the more you know.